Ground Coconut Shell Reinforced

Ground Coconut Shell Reinforced

Ground Coconut Shell Reinforced Bio-Composite

Ground coconut shell reinforced products are marketed by RheTech as the CFF and CFC series. The CFF series is finely ground coconut and CFC is coarsely ground coconut. Both finished products result in a very dark brown resin, similar to the husk of a coconut. The finely ground coconut grades can result in better impact properties due to the finer particle size. Coarse coconut allows for a good balance between impact and stiffness properties. Recycled resins can be used in conjunction with coconut to make a “greener” product.
RheVision - Rice Hull/Husk Reinforced​ Reinforced Thermoplastic Properties


  • Housewares
  • Consumer Products


  • Moderate stiffness/impact balance
  • Unique dark appearance
  • Marble appearance achievable with light color additions (white, gray, etc.)
  • Lower density than traditional minerals
  • Mineral filler replacement

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