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Excellence in Manufacturing Thermoplastics

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Our process, from material handling, and inventory control right through our extrusion process is controlled by sophisticated computer software. These controls facilitate flexibility and consistently ensure the highest standards of efficiency and quality.


Flexibility largely defines the success of RheTech. Our manufacturing philosophy focuses on Flexibility as well as Accuracy, Efficiency, and Responsiveness. This focus allows RheTech to deliver a cost-effective, quality product time after time.


Our professional team of RheTech engineers is dedicated to the continuous improvement of manufacturing capabilities by monitoring and incorporating advancements in technology. World-class automation processes at RheTech are the result of an innovative thought process that blends years of human experience with state-of-the-art technology.

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Selected competence Areas

Vehicle interior applications

RheTech’s comprehensive list of fully OEM approved products help provide solutions for your vehicle interior needs.
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Vehicle exterior applications

Whether it be for side fairings, fender flairs, splash shields, or brackets, RheTech provides fully OEM approved solutions for all your vehicle exterior needs.
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Vehicle under the hood applications

RheTech specializes in both structural and functional product performance solutions that are fully OEM approved to service your under the hood applications.
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Consumer and industrial applications

RheTech’s polymer compounds provide a broad offering of materials to address requirements for part strength, functionality, aesthetics, processability and cost across many market segments.
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