About RheVision

RheVision is a line of bio-fiber reinforced thermoplastic compounds. We incorporate bio-waste streams with traditional plastics to make useful and unique products for many industries and applications. In addition to using bio-waste, recycled resins are also available to increase the recycled content of products.

In 2009, RheTech introduced the RheVision product line. Since then, we have researched and implemented many different fibers into our portfolio of products. Over the years, our customers have been successful in using RheVision in many different industries and applications.

Some industries where customers have seen success include:

  • Housewares
  • Toys & Games
  • Furniture
  • Automotive

Each natural fiber has a unique appearance and set of physical characteristics. Because of this, it is important to choose the best fit for the application. The product tabs below lead to more in-depth information to help determine the right fiber for you.

To give a truly unique appearance, color concentrates are available for dry-blend applications. Certain color concentrates mixed with RheVision products can give products the necessary aesthetic to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. Please contact us to learn more!

Rice Hull/Husk Reinforced

Rice Hull/Husk Reinforced

This light brown filler provides a moderate stiffness/impact property balance at an economical price point.
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Wood Fiber Reinforced

This filler provides a moderate stiffness/impact property balance combined with a familiar appearance.
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Flax Fiber Reinforced

This dark, fibrous filler provides high strength properties for applications where stiffness is at a premium.
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Hemp Fiber Reinforced

Rhetech’s newest filler option! This dark fibrous filler provides high strength in a form customers can identify with.
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Ground Coconut Shell Reinforced

This dark filler provides a balanced stiffness/impact balance with unique appearance options when combined with light colors.
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Finely Ground Cellulose

This fine white cellulosic filler allows for easy coloring of resins at the press for a multitude of end products and applications.
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