What we offer

What we offer

Thermoplastic Applications

RheTech’s compounds provide excellent material options and solutions across a broad spectrum of applications. Our thermoplastic compounds are found in a wide variety of transportation, consumer and industrial applications

RheComp products are comprised of fiberglass, mineral, or co-reinforced as well as TPO compounds. These compounds are offered in general purpose black, natural or color matched for injection molded, extrusion and blow-molded applications.

Vehicle interior applications

RheTech’s comprehensive list of fully OEM approved products help provide solutions for your vehicle interior needs.
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Vehicle exterior applications

Whether it be for side fairings, fender flairs, splash shields, or brackets, RheTech provides fully OEM approved solutions for all your vehicle exterior needs.
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Vehicle under the hood applications

RheTech specializes in both structural and functional product performance solutions that are fully OEM approved to service your under the hood applications.
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Consumer and industrial applications

RheTech’s polymer compounds provide a broad offering of materials to address requirements for part strength, functionality, aesthetics, processability and cost across many market segments.
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PA6 and PA6 are among the most versatile family of polymers with applications in a broad range of industries such as building & construction, consumer, industrial and automotive. RheLon offers a wide range of performance from impact modified grades for excellent toughness to 50% glass-reinforced grades for high mechanical strength and thermal stability. RheLon grades are available with up to 90% recycle content as economical as well as environmentally responsive solutions.

RheVision is a line of bio-fiber reinforced thermoplastic compounds. With proprietary processing methods, bio-fibers are incorporated into polypropylene and polyethylene compounds. This allows RheTech to convert bio-waste products into useful materials that can be utilized in various industries.
RheVision fibers

RheTech's Thermoplastic Product Line

Calcium Carbonate Reinforced Polypropylene Compounds
Co-Reinforced Polypropylene Compounds
Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) Compounds
Short Glass Fiber Reinforced Polypropylene Compounds
Chemically Coupled Short Glass Fiber Reinforced Polypropylene Compounds
Talc Reinforced Polypropylene Compounds
High Performance Polypropylene Compounds
Mica Reinforced Polypropylene Compounds
Unfilled Polypropylene Resin
Recycled Content Polypropylene Compounds
Ground Coconut Reinforced Polyolefin Compounds
Flax Fiber Reinforced Polyolefin Compounds
Ground Rice Hull (husk) Reinforced Polyolefin Compounds
Maple Wood Fiber Reinforced Polyolefin Compounds
Finely Ground Cellulose (Paper Powder) Reinforced Polyolefin Compounds
Pine Wood Fiber Reinforced Polyolefin Compounds
Hemp Fiber Reinforced Polyolefin Compounds

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