Mineral Reinforced PP

Mineral reinforcements are added to the polypropylene matrix to improve rigidity, dimensional stability or simply its cost structure. Talc, calcium carbonate, and mica are among the most popular mineral reinforcements offering distinct advantages. The RheTech team will work with you to find the best mineral reinforcement and loading for your application. Mineral reinforced polypropylene is extensively used in the automotive interior and appliance industries.

Car interior


  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Balance of stiffness and impact performance
  • Good part aesthetics
  • FR grades available
  • Various choice of fillers depending on application needs
    • Talc – good balance of mechanical properties
    • Calcium carbonate – low cost filler
    • Mica – platy filler for better dimensional stability
  • Grades available for injection molded, extrusion, and blow-molded processing.
  • FR, FDA, NSF, and UL grades available.

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