Sustainability Report 2020

Every April we present our Sustainability Report for the previous year. 
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sustainability report 2020

HEXPOL’s commitment to sustainable development is long-term and during 2020 we managed to strengthen our positions in a number of areas. An updated version of the Code of Conduct (Materializing Our Values) was issued, and the Supplier Sustainability Guideline was updated and launched on a digital platform. We also deepened our work with the principles of the UN Global Compact regarding business ethics, human rights, labor law and the environment.

We further emphasized our commitment to combat climate change by a new challenging objective to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions. We will continue with the focus on the energy-related emissions and aim for a 75 percent reduction by 2025.

Our road map includes energy-efficiency measures, phasing out of fossil fuels, further installation of photovoltaics, and purchase of fossil-free electricity everywhere where it is possible. In addition to that, a key part of achieving our ambitions in the climate area is about developing and offering low-carbon products. Read more about that, and many other things, in the Sustainability Report 2020.

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